ATEX Antennas

Radio equipment and wireless solutions are more and more common for mission-critical voice and data communication in hazardous areas like oil platforms, FPSO vessels, tankers and refineries. Risk of explosion requires a need for ATEX certified equipment.

DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

At the heart of every radio system are system components – these are the essential building blocks that can amplify, attenuate, combine, split or monitor radio signals as required by the system designer.

Base station antennas

We can offer a wide range of base station antennas ranging from the traditional omni-directional & directional types to more specific downfire, circular polarised & receive only models.

Mobile antennas

We have a comprehensive mobile antenna portfolio including ¼ λ, colinear, GPS combination, GlassFix®, SideFix®, magnetic-mount, ground-plane independant & multi-band designs.

Portable antennas

A programme of portable antennas comprising ¼ λ , helical, ½ λ & multi-band designs available in a range of different materials including rubber, silicon, polyethylene & steel band.

GPS antennas

With a range of GPS antennas for the land-based & marine market places, the GPS antennas we supply have been designed with a focus on the professional/commercial user.

Marine antennas

World-renowned marine antennas ranging from MF/HF frequencies through to Wi-Fi & above. Procom's marine antennas are specifically designed to cope with the high demands of a marine environment including salt-water spray, ship vibrations and extreme wind loads.

Filters ≤ 50 mm cavities & resonators

Designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user, Procom filters are of sturdy construction manufactured using only the highest-quality materials & workmanship. Paired with an extensive Quality Assurance programme, we can ensure a consistently high-performing product with both excellent electrical & mechanical parameters.

Filters > 50 mm cavities & resonators

Where higher Q or greater power handling is required we have a full range of cavity-based filtering solutions available.


Combiners are used to allow multiple radio frequencies to be mixed, often facilitating the use of a single antenna. This not only reduces the need for a multiple antenna installations (and the associated issues that this may bring) but also reduces yearly site costs if antenna space is rented.


Our multicoupler range comprises receiver multicouplers, Rx power splitters & low-noise amplifiers.

Low noise amplifiers

A Low-noise amplifier (LNA) is an electronic RF amplifier, which is typically used in front of receiver systems with relatively high noise figure to increase the signal strength of weak radio signals in order to improve the receiver system’s sensitivity, i.e. ability to detect and process a weak radio signal properly.

Measuring equipment

Procom's SWR analyzer allows for the quality control and calibration of antennas within the 30-2700 MHz spectrum. Procom's measuring equipment is designed by experienced engineers with a focus on the professional user.

Dummy loads and attenuators

We are able to supply a range of dummy loads. The coaxial loads have a with very low SWR and are suitable for power hybrids, isolators, coaxial transmission lines, power monitors and watt meters and receiver multicouplers.


Complimentary to our range of antenna products, we are able to supply a wide and varied range of wall brackets and antenna mounting poles.


Amphenol Private Networks is a leading global developer, manufacturer with more than three decades of innovation and experience. Its RF product line is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes:

Microphones and Headsets

Danmike were founded in 1972, became a subsidiary of PROCOM A/S in 1981 and merged in January 2007 with PROCOM A/S.

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